How Much Gold Can I Sell Without Reporting?

When it comes to buying and selling gold, people are often curious if they are required to provide any personal identification. And it is reasonably fair to think as such as most of us yearn for at least some privacy in this day and age where personal information is readily available, especially when it comes to hard-earned money and wealth. 

In this blog, we will answer this burning question so that you are aware of the obligations you have as a customer/investor, and of the exemptions that apply so that you can use them to make sound, wise and smart decisions.   

Gold and Silver Bullion and Coins 

The bullion industry is mandated by AUSTRAC, which is a federal government body that tackles money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. Under AUSTRAC’s mandate, bullion companies are required to implement systems and controls to comply with Anti-money laundering and counter terrorism act.  

The most important aspect of the compliance requires gold dealers to perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) of their customers to identify and verify them. This is required for every bullion purchase and sale transaction. However, there is an exception, where customer identification and verification is exempted for any transaction that is below $5000. 

What does this mean for you? 

If you are looking to buy or sell gold and silver bullion or coins under $5000, you are not required to provide any personal identification unless requested. There is a limit to buying and selling gold and silver without personal identification of up to $4999 every 24 hours. 

Jewellery, Scrap, Nuggets, etc. 

Everything else that is not bullion and coins, that is to be sold, is mandated by state law, which means, each state will have their own set of rules that define how transactions are conducted. 

In Queensland, selling of 2nd hand gold and silver jewellery, scrap gold and silver and any other gold and silver items, is mandated by the Office of Fair Trade, which requires gold buyers to comply with the 2nd hand dealer’s act. Under this act, when customers are selling gold and silver items at any gold buyer, they are required to provide customer identification as part of the transaction.  

What does this mean for you? 

If you are looking to sell gold and silver items at a gold buyer, you will require to provide either one original form of photo ID or two original forms of text-based ID with your address proof. The list of identification that are acceptable are as follows: 


Acceptable Photo ID 
Acceptable text-based ID 

Passport (Australian or foreign) 
Birth Certificate 

Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit 
Marriage certificate 

Firearms license 
Medicare Card 

Student ID (Tertiary institution) 
Utility Bill or Australian Bank Statement 

KeyPass ID cards 
Commonwealth Veterans Affairs Card 

Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Car 

Commonwealth Health Care Card 


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