Top Reasons to Sell Your Gold for Cash

Over the course of human history, Gold has been considered one of the most valuable things to exist. It has been treated as money for the exchange of goods, as a store of value for investment purposes and financial security, and jewellery and artefacts for physical appeal.

Having possession of gold in the right form such as bullion and coins is a smart way of preserving your wealth. While having them in the form of jewellery or artefacts also holds the same significance in terms of the gold content, the acquisition cost of them might be higher as they involve a human effort to construct them in a certain way that drives appeal.

Why Should You Sell Gold for Cash?

Being a valuable commodity that is socially accepted, it can easily be liquidated. So, if you have some unwanted or unused gold jewellery, artefacts or bullion and coins, and you need money, you can readily sell them for cash. With the prices of gold presently, it might even be a good time to sell your gold for cash.

There are a few reasons people choose to sell their old gold to gold buyers in Brisbane. Let’s look at the most appealing reasons why selling your gold now might be the best choice you make today.

Get Instant Cash in Hand

Cash is king in these tight economic times and with the current economic climate with inflation rising and prices going up, short of cash can hurt you in many ways. You may also be facing financial difficulties and need to pay off bills or debts. If you sell gold jewellery, chances are you’ll make a tidy profit.

You can take your gold to a gold buyer to weigh and assess your gold and estimate how much cash you’ll get. This will depend on the purity and weight of your gold, but you can expect to get a good amount of money for your gold items. It is relatively simple to sell gold with no lengthy selling process — you can get real cash for your gold right away at a gold buyer or gold dealer.

So, if you have some gold items that you’re looking to get rid of — be it a few grams of gold and silver articles, gold bullion bars, gold nuggets, silver coins or any other precious metal — don’t hesitate to take it to the leading gold buyers in your area to get an estimate of how much cash you can get.

Reinvest in Other Assets

Selling gold jewellery for cash can also be a great investment opportunity. When you sell your gold for cash, you can use the money to make investments in other assets — like stocks, bonds, ETFs, crypto and real estate.

Buying property is tangible and you can see its value grow over time. You can also build up extra equity in a property by paying off that extra bit of mortgage over time by selling your gold too.

Another reason why people sell gold is when they’re planning to acquire a home or a commercial property and are short of the deposit. Selling gold can mean you are able to comfortably pay off your deposit required to buy the property.

You can even use your cash acquired by selling gold along with your savings to invest in rental properties to create regular income or cash flow. These properties will generate rental income every month, which means you would have money coming into your bank account each month.

There are various types of gold items you can sell and reinvest in other assets, like gold coins, gold jewellery, gold bullion bars, gold nuggets and also silver coins, silver bullion bars and any other precious metals.

Replace Old Jewellery With Newer Pieces

Most people have old jewellery at home which they no longer wear. Some gold and silver jewellery and artefacts might have been inherited from previous generations of the family. They might have been left sitting at the back of a closet or drawer collecting dust. Selling them is one way the easiest way to get some money out of things you already own and invest in something new.

If you have old pieces of jewellery lying around that you do not wear anymore, then there is no reason why these items should not be sold off for cash. You can even replace them with newer items that match the current fashion trend compared to the old ones that were bought years ago!

With the instant cash you get when you sell your gold, you can buy new ones that are trending. This will help you look stylish without spending too much money on new expensive jewellery pieces.

Sell Broken Gold Jewellery

If you have a necklace that has a broken clasp or earrings with a missing hook, you can still get some money for these pieces of jewellery.

For a gold buyer, gold jewellery, no matter if it’s broken or not, has the same amount of value as a proper piece. The amount of cash you get to sell gold items depends entirely on the gold purity or karat. So even when your gold jewellery is damaged, you can still sell it to fetch a decent amount of money.

Instead of just letting it sit in a corner, you can sell the broken gold, silver or diamond jewellery to reliable gold buyers and get the best value.

Finding the Best Gold Buyers to Sell Gold

As discussed, gold is a precious asset that can be used as an investment and sold for cash to help you buy something else. Gold prices are constantly changing, so keeping an eye on the market can help you sell them at the right time which can help you maximise your returns.

You can always reach out to your nearest gold buyers to get a good estimate of how much your gold is worth. There are many different ways to find these buyers — you can search online, ask friends or family members if they know of any in your area, or check the directories. Once you’ve found a few potential buyers, it’s time to compare their offers.

When comparing offers from different gold buyers and pawnbrokers, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind:

The type of gold being sold
The purity of the gold, in karats
The weight of the gold being sold
The current spot price of gold

At Cash Your Gold, we buy gold bullion, jewellery, and nuggets; basically gold in any form no matter the condition. We also buy other precious metals like silver, platinum and palladium. We have been in the business for over 30 years and have helped thousands of customers to get the best prices on the gold items.

Selling gold or silver doesn’t take long — just bring it to our store and our gold buyers will offer their estimated value upfront. You can then make a decision based on the estimate and if you choose to sell, you walk out with instant cash or bank transfer, whatever is convenient for you!

We buy all types of gold — from scrap to newly minted. You can sell gold bullion, silver bullion or scrap gold at the best market prices and make a good profit. What’s more, we are happy to pay you on the spot for your items based on the live gold price.

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