Bubble expert Jeremy Grantham predicts a huge decline in stocks, tears into bitcoin, and slams the Fed

MarketsInsider/Theron Mohamed/8-10-2022

“Value managers have always hated commodities. They’re about as unpredictable as anything on the planet. If you go short, you die a thousand deaths, and if you go long, it’s pretty much as bad. I certainly don’t recommend people to go short metals. If you can go long and throw the key away, I think that will do just fine. It does take nerves of steel, and you better have a good look at your nerves before you do it.”

USAGOLD note: Good advice. At USAGOLD we have always advocated buying the metals as a long term store of value, as opposed to leveraged speculation, and essentially throwing the key away. Own gold for a rainy day. Use it if and when that day arrives. And if Grantham is right, that day might be here sooner than most think.

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