What’s missing from the bond markets

Bloomberg/John Authers/8-9-2022

“Again, extreme-low term premiums, for reasons that don’t seem to be tied to the economy, tend to imply that this could be a false signal. Bond yields are obeying the normal rules of supply and demand, which are usually driven by the economy — but on this occasion, maybe they aren’t sending such a clear signal.”

USAGOLD note: The bond market is sending confusing signals and Authers attempts to sort out why in this analysis. He says that the wage-price spiral remains intact no matter what, and sees quantitative tightening, which has yet to be fully launched, as a “very, very frightening” prospect. After reading this deep dive, one comes away with the notion that the bond market isn’t really telling us much at all. Instead it reflects the reigning confusion over where we are headed.

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